Aye, the great and wonderful story of The Boiler Monkey: Albuquerque's premier bustaurant. What is a bustaurant, you may ask yourself. A bustaurant is a mobile restaurant, or food truck with indoor seating. I set out to build a restaurant after my return from Nicaragua where I experienced a plethora of street food vendors and my exploration and love of food deepened. Once back in the States, I started looking into business loans and building a business plan. But with the economy in the shape it was I could not find any lenders. So the idea transformed into a mobile bistro and the menu changed from Nicaraguan cuisine into crepes and coffee. I obtained training from Molly's Crepe Escape in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. Once the training was finished and sponsors where gathered, I set out to find a bus suitable for the mission. And luck would have it, I found one in Seattle, Washington. With no delay, I flew to Seattle and got a crash course in how to drive such a big rig; rest assured there where no crashes. With two days of practice, I hit the highway, driving back  to New Mexico. After what seemed to be a life time of issues like clogged fuel filters, blowouts, and interactions with very odd people, I pulled into Albuquerque. Once in my hometown, I was thrilled to hear that my brother Joe wanted to partner up and work on the building of a steampunk themed bustaurant together.  The rest of the story is as they say- history.... and up on the blog: boilermonkey.tumblr.com


As children, Joe and I were always fighting, playing rough, and building things. We teamed up in building three wheel bikes, lowrider bikes and a tree house (which was at the center of our backyard). Later we rebuilt the trunk into a shade structure to commemorate the memory of the tree  that  was the hub of our youth.  As we aged, we maintained a  solid friendship, staying in touch while we were in college on opposite sides of the country. We traveled together and helped each other move from place to place. We consistently fostered and challenged each others creative sides which helped us grow as artists, builders, photographers, landscapers and in his case- architects. With this set of creative skills between us it seemed we were destined to team up once again to build a truly unique and original mobile bistro. The Boiler Monkey became a reality.